Norppa-Majat is a wonderful place to calm down and relax, but there is also a lot to see and do. Norppa-Majat gives a chance to both peaceful relaxation as well as active holiday making .

On your vacation you can go fishing, play tennis, go walking in the forest choosing your own routes or along the marked nature trails, take a break and grill sausages in a goahti (Sami tent) You can also row on Lake Saimaa while spotting Saimaa ringed seal or more familiarly Saimaa Norppa.

Around Norppa-Majat you can find fine mushroom and berry picking possibilities. There is also the Salpalinja defence line from the World War II nearby Norppa-Majat.

Norppa-Majat offers a lot to do: only your imagination is the limit.